Video Editing terms


The process of creating a file from any program.

What is an export in video editing?

Export in video editing refers to the process of converting an edited video project into a format that can be viewed on various devices or platforms. This process involves compressing the video file, encoding it into a specific format such as MP4, AVI, MOV, etc., and then saving it to a desired location. The export settings chosen will determine the quality, size, and compatibility of the final video file.

The export process is the final step in video editing and it's crucial because it allows the edited video to be shared and viewed. Depending on the software used, users can choose to export their videos in different resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates, among other settings. The choice of these settings often depends on the intended use of the video. For instance, a video meant for web streaming may be exported in a different format and quality than one intended for broadcast television.

How to export high-quality videos in video editing software?

Exporting high-quality videos in video editing software involves several steps. First, you need to ensure that your original footage is of high quality. This means it should be shot in high resolution, preferably 1080p or 4K. When editing, make sure to maintain this resolution and avoid any unnecessary cropping or zooming that could degrade the quality.

When you're ready to export, go to the export settings of your video editing software. Here, you can adjust the output settings to ensure the highest quality. Choose a high-quality format such as MP4 or MOV, and set the resolution to match your original footage. If your software allows, increase the bitrate as this will result in better video quality. However, keep in mind that a higher bitrate will also increase the file size. Finally, make sure to select the highest quality preset available, often labeled as 'High Quality', 'Best Quality' or similar. After setting these parameters, you can proceed to export your video.

What is the best format to export videos for YouTube or other social media platforms?

The best format to export videos for YouTube or other social media platforms is MP4. This format is widely accepted and provides high quality videos with relatively small file sizes. MP4 uses the H.264 codec which is standard for video compression, and it also supports a variety of audio codecs, making it highly versatile. It's also compatible with almost all devices and platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and various web browsers.

When exporting your video, it's also important to consider the resolution and frame rate. For YouTube, the recommended resolution ranges from 720p (HD) to 4K (Ultra HD), depending on the quality of the original footage. The frame rate should be either 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, or 60 frames per second. For other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, the recommended video resolution is usually lower, but MP4 is still the preferred format.

Why does the quality of my video decrease after exporting from a video editing software?

The decrease in video quality after exporting from a video editing software can be attributed to a couple of factors. The primary reason is the compression settings used during the export process. Video editing software often uses compression to reduce the file size of the final output. This process can lead to a loss of video quality, especially if the compression rate is high. The higher the compression, the smaller the file size, but the greater the loss in quality.

Another factor could be the resolution settings chosen for the export. If you're exporting the video at a lower resolution than the original footage, the quality will naturally decrease. Similarly, the frame rate settings can also affect the video quality. If the frame rate is lower than the original, it can result in a choppy or blurred video. Therefore, it's crucial to choose the right export settings to maintain the quality of your video.

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