DaVinci Resolve terms

Expanded Edit Modes

Additional editing options for trimming and adjusting clips in the timeline.

What is an expanded edit mode in DaVinci Resolve?

Expanded Edit Mode in DaVinci Resolve is a feature that provides a detailed view of the in and out points of two clips in the timeline. This mode is particularly useful for fine-tuning edits and making precise adjustments to the transition points between clips. It allows users to see the footage of the clips before and after the cut, providing a more comprehensive view of the edit.

In this mode, the timeline is split into two sections, showing the outgoing clip on the left and the incoming clip on the right. The playhead is positioned exactly at the cut point between the two clips. This allows users to adjust the in and out points of each clip independently, providing greater control over the edit. It's a powerful tool for editors who want to make precise adjustments to their edits.

How to use Expanded Edit Modes in DaVinci Resolve?

DaVinci Resolve's Expanded Edit Modes can be accessed from the Edit Page. To use them, you first need to select the clip you want to edit in the timeline. Then, go to the toolbar at the top of the screen and click on the "Trim" button. This will open a dropdown menu where you can select from several different expanded edit modes, including "Roll," "Slip," "Slide," "Ripple," and "Dynamic Trim."

Each mode has a different function. For example, the "Roll" mode allows you to adjust the in and out points of a clip without affecting the overall length of your timeline, while the "Slip" mode lets you change the content of a clip without altering its position or length. The "Slide" mode, on the other hand, enables you to move a clip within the timeline while keeping its in and out points intact. The "Ripple" mode is used to adjust a clip's in or out point and move the rest of the timeline to compensate. Lastly, the "Dynamic Trim" mode allows you to trim clips in real-time playback. Experiment with these different modes to see which one best suits your editing needs.

What are the benefits of using Expanded Edit Modes in DaVinci Resolve?

Expanded Edit Modes in DaVinci Resolve offer several benefits to users. Firstly, they provide a more detailed and comprehensive view of the timeline, allowing users to see and manipulate more elements of their project simultaneously. This can greatly enhance efficiency and productivity, as it reduces the need to constantly switch between different views or windows.

Secondly, Expanded Edit Modes offer more precise control over editing. Users can fine-tune their edits with greater accuracy, making it easier to achieve the desired result. This is particularly useful for complex projects that require a high level of precision. Lastly, these modes also provide additional tools and features that are not available in the standard edit mode, such as advanced trimming options and the ability to adjust clip speed and duration. These additional tools can further enhance the quality and professionalism of the final product.

Where can I find tutorials for Expanded Edit Modes in DaVinci Resolve?

You can find tutorials for Expanded Edit Modes in DaVinci Resolve on various online platforms. One of the most popular platforms is YouTube, where numerous creators post detailed video tutorials on different aspects of DaVinci Resolve, including Expanded Edit Modes. You can search for specific tutorials on the platform using relevant keywords.

In addition to YouTube, there are also several online learning platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning that offer comprehensive courses on DaVinci Resolve. These courses often include sections dedicated to Expanded Edit Modes. Lastly, the official Blackmagic Design website, the company behind DaVinci Resolve, also provides a range of user manuals and guides that can be very helpful.

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