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Event Calendars

Tools for scheduling and displaying upcoming events in a calendar format.

What are Event Calendars in Circle

Event Calendars in Circle are a feature that allows community managers to schedule, organize, and share events with their community members. This tool is designed to help foster engagement and interaction within the community by providing a centralized place for all community events.

With Event Calendars, community managers can create events, set reminders, and even integrate with other calendar systems for seamless scheduling. Members can view upcoming events, RSVP, and add them to their personal calendars. This feature is particularly useful for communities that regularly host webinars, meetups, or other types of events. It helps keep members informed and engaged, and ensures they don't miss out on any community activities.

How to integrate Event Calendars in Circle?

Integrating Event Calendars in Circle can be done through various third-party applications like Google Calendar, Eventbrite, or Calendly. These applications allow you to create and manage events, which you can then share with your Circle. To integrate, you would typically create the event in your chosen application, generate a shareable link or embed code, and then post this link or code within your Circle.

However, it's important to note that Circle does not currently support direct calendar integration, meaning you can't automatically sync events or embed a live, interactive calendar. Instead, you would need to manually update your community about upcoming events. Despite this, integrating event calendars can still be a valuable way to keep your community informed and engaged. Always ensure to check the privacy settings of your chosen calendar application to ensure your events are visible to your community.

How to use Event Calendars feature in Circle?

The Event Calendars feature in Circle is a useful tool for scheduling and managing events within your community. To use it, you first need to create an event. This can be done by clicking on the "Events" tab on the left-hand side of your Circle dashboard. From there, click on the "Create Event" button. You will then be prompted to fill in details about the event such as the title, description, date, time, and location. You can also choose whether the event is public or private.

Once the event is created, it will appear on your community's event calendar. Members of your community can view the calendar to see upcoming events, RSVP to events they plan to attend, and add events to their personal calendars. As an admin, you can also edit or delete events from the calendar. The Event Calendars feature is a great way to keep your community engaged and informed about upcoming activities.

What are the benefits of using Event Calendars in Circle?

Using Event Calendars in the Circle offers several benefits. Firstly, it enhances community engagement by keeping members informed about upcoming events, webinars, meetings, or any other important dates. This feature allows members to plan their participation in advance, fostering a sense of community and encouraging active involvement. It also allows for easy tracking of past and future events, ensuring that no important dates are missed.

Secondly, it provides a centralized location for all event-related information, making it easier for members to find and access the details they need. This can save time and reduce confusion, as members won't have to search through multiple posts or threads to find event information. Additionally, the Event Calendar can be integrated with other tools like Google Calendar or Outlook, providing reminders and updates directly to members' personal calendars. This seamless integration can further boost participation rates and overall community engagement.

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