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A feature set within Resolve Studio for encoding and exporting Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs).

What is EasyDCP in DaVinci Resolve?

EasyDCP in DaVinci Resolve is a feature that allows users to export their projects in Digital Cinema Package (DCP) format. DCP is a collection of digital files used to store and convey digital cinema (DC) audio, image, and data streams. It is the standard format accepted by most cinema projectors.

EasyDCP is particularly useful for filmmakers and video editors who need to present their work in a cinema. It ensures that the video and audio quality remains high and consistent when played on different cinema systems. This feature in DaVinci Resolve simplifies the process of creating a DCP, making it accessible to more users.

How to use EasyDCP in DaVinci Resolve?

EasyDCP is a plugin in DaVinci Resolve that allows you to export your projects in DCP (Digital Cinema Package) format. To use EasyDCP, first, you need to ensure that it is installed and activated in your DaVinci Resolve software. You can do this by going to the DaVinci Resolve menu, selecting Preferences, and then the EasyDCP tab. Here, you can check if the plugin is activated.

Once the plugin is activated, you can use it to export your project. To do this, go to the Deliver page in DaVinci Resolve. Here, you can select the EasyDCP option from the Format dropdown menu. You can then choose your desired settings for the DCP, such as the resolution, frame rate, and audio format. Once you have selected your settings, you can add the project to the Render Queue and start the render to create your DCP.

Why is EasyDCP not showing in DaVinci Resolve?

EasyDCP may not be showing in DaVinci Resolve due to several reasons. One of the most common reasons is that the EasyDCP plugin may not be installed or activated in DaVinci Resolve. This plugin is not included by default in the software and needs to be purchased separately. Once purchased, it needs to be activated in the DaVinci Resolve settings.

Another reason could be related to compatibility issues. The version of DaVinci Resolve you are using may not be compatible with the version of EasyDCP you have. It's important to ensure that both software are updated to their latest versions to ensure compatibility. If the problem persists, it could be due to a bug or a technical issue, in which case it would be best to contact the support teams of either DaVinci Resolve or EasyDCP for further assistance.

How to export DCP using EasyDCP in DaVinci Resolve?

To export DCP using EasyDCP in DaVinci Resolve, you first need to ensure that you have the EasyDCP plugin installed. Once you have confirmed this, open your project in DaVinci Resolve and navigate to the 'Deliver' page. Here, you will find various export options. Look for the 'EasyDCP' option and select it.

In the EasyDCP settings, you can specify your desired parameters such as resolution, frame rate, and audio format. You can also choose whether to create a 2D or 3D DCP. Once you have set your parameters, click on 'Add to Render Queue'. Then, specify your destination folder and click 'Start Render'. DaVinci Resolve will then create a DCP that can be played back in a cinema.

Remember, creating a DCP can be a time-consuming process, so ensure your computer has enough power and storage to handle the task. Also, always check the DCP on a cinema screen before distribution to ensure it plays back correctly.

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