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A lower-cost offer made to customers who decline the initial offer.

What is a downsell in Kajabi?

A downsell in Kajabi refers to a sales strategy where a lower-priced product or service is offered to a customer after they have declined the initial offer. This is typically done to salvage a potential sale and maintain customer engagement. The downsell offer is usually a more affordable or simplified version of the original product or service, designed to better fit the customer's budget or needs.

In the context of Kajabi, an online platform that allows users to create and manage digital products, a downsell could be a smaller, less expensive course or subscription plan. For example, if a customer decides not to purchase a full online course, they might be offered a series of individual lessons at a lower price. This strategy helps Kajabi users to maximize their sales and retain customers who might otherwise leave without making a purchase.

How to set up a downsell in Kajabi?

Setting up a downsell in Kajabi involves a few steps. First, you need to create the product or offer that you want to use as a downsell. This could be a lower-priced product, a payment plan, or any other offer that you think might appeal to customers who aren't ready to purchase your main offer. Once you've created the downsell offer, you need to set up an automation in your checkout page or sales funnel that triggers the downsell offer when a customer declines your main offer.

To do this, go to the "Offers" tab in your Kajabi dashboard and select the main offer. Then, click on "Automations" and set up a new automation. Choose "When an offer is declined" as the trigger, and "Show an offer" as the action. Then, select your downsell offer from the dropdown menu. You can also customize the message that appears with the downsell offer. Once you've set up the automation, make sure to save your changes. Now, whenever a customer declines your main offer, they'll automatically be presented with your downsell offer.

What is the purpose of a downsell in Kajabi?

The purpose of a downsell in Kajabi is to offer a lower-priced product or service to a customer who has declined a more expensive offer. This strategy is used to salvage a potential sale that would otherwise be lost, by providing an alternative that is more within the customer's budget.

Downselling can help businesses increase their overall sales and revenue, as it allows them to capture a wider range of customers with varying budgets. It also helps in maintaining customer relationships, as it shows customers that the business is willing to accommodate their needs and financial constraints. In Kajabi, a platform for creating and selling online courses, downselling can be particularly useful in attracting and retaining students who may not be able to afford higher-priced courses.

How effective is a downsell strategy in Kajabi?

The effectiveness of a downsell strategy in Kajabi can vary depending on the specific circumstances and execution, but generally, it can be quite beneficial. Kajabi is a platform that allows businesses to create, market, and sell online courses and memberships. A downsell strategy can be effective in this context because it provides an alternative for customers who may be hesitant to purchase a higher-priced product or service. By offering a lower-priced option, businesses can still make a sale and potentially convert the customer into a higher-paying customer in the future.

However, the success of a downsell strategy in Kajabi also depends on how well it's implemented. It's important to ensure that the downsell offer is still valuable and relevant to the customer. If the downsell offer appears as a desperate attempt to make a sale or if it's not aligned with the customer's needs and interests, it may not be effective. Therefore, while a downsell strategy can be a powerful tool in Kajabi, it needs to be used thoughtfully and strategically.

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