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Delete Generated Media

A command to delete render files, optimized media, and proxy media to save storage space.

What is deleting generated media in ScreenFlow?

Deleting generated media in ScreenFlow refers to the process of removing any media files that have been created within the ScreenFlow application. This could include video clips, audio files, images, or any other type of media that has been imported or recorded directly into ScreenFlow.

The process typically involves selecting the media you wish to delete from the media library or timeline, and then choosing the 'delete' option. This will remove the media from your project, but it's important to note that this action may not remove the original file from your computer's storage. It's also worth mentioning that deleting generated media can help to free up space within your ScreenFlow project, but should be done with caution to avoid accidentally removing important content.

How to delete generated media in ScreenFlow?

To delete generated media in ScreenFlow, you first need to open the project where the media files are located. Once you've opened the project, navigate to the timeline or media library where the generated media files are stored.

Click on the media file you want to delete to select it. Once the file is selected, you can either press the 'Delete' key on your keyboard or right-click on the file and select 'Delete' from the drop-down menu. Confirm your action if prompted. This will remove the generated media from your project. Remember to save your project after making changes to ensure the media file is permanently deleted.

Why can't I delete generated media in ScreenFlow?

ScreenFlow automatically saves all generated media such as screen recordings, audio clips, and imported files in your project library. This is designed to prevent accidental loss of important data. However, this means that you cannot directly delete generated media from within the ScreenFlow application itself.

If you want to delete generated media, you will need to locate the files in your computer's storage and delete them manually. Please note that doing so may affect your project if the media is currently in use. Always ensure to back up your project and double check before deleting any files. Also, remember that once you delete these files from your computer's storage, they will no longer be available in ScreenFlow.

What happens when I delete generated media in ScreenFlow?

When you delete generated media in ScreenFlow, it removes the selected media from your project timeline and media library. This includes any video clips, audio files, images, or other media that you've imported or recorded directly into ScreenFlow. The deletion process is permanent within the context of the project, meaning you cannot undo this action once completed.

However, it's important to note that deleting media from your ScreenFlow project does not delete the original source files from your computer. These files remain intact in their original location unless you manually delete them. Therefore, if you accidentally delete media from your ScreenFlow project, you can re-import it from the original source file.

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