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Custom Profile Fields

Enables communities to create custom fields on member profiles for unique information.

What are Custom Profile Fields in Circle

Custom Profile Fields in Circle are unique fields that community administrators can create and add to member profiles. These fields allow for the collection of additional information about community members, beyond the standard details such as name and email. They can be used to gather data on a wide range of topics, such as members' professional backgrounds, interests, location, or any other information that might be relevant to the community.

The use of Custom Profile Fields can enhance the community experience by enabling more personalized interactions and content. For instance, if a community is centered around a specific profession or interest, custom fields can be used to highlight members' expertise or hobbies. This can foster deeper connections among members, facilitate more targeted discussions, and help administrators tailor content and activities to the community's needs and interests.

How to add custom profile fields in Circle?

To add custom profile fields in Circle, you need to navigate to the settings section of your community. From there, select the "Member Settings" option. This will open a new page where you can see the "Profile Fields" section. Click on the "Add Field" button to create a new custom profile field.

You can then enter the name of the field, choose the type of field (text, number, date, etc.), and decide whether the field should be required or optional. You can also choose whether the field should be visible to all members or only to admins. Once you've configured the field to your liking, click "Save" to add the field to your community's profiles.

Remember, these custom fields can be used to gather more information about your members, which can be useful for understanding your community better. However, be mindful of privacy concerns and only ask for information that is necessary and relevant.

What are the benefits of using custom profile fields in Circle?

Custom profile fields in Circle offer several benefits. Firstly, they allow for a more personalized and engaging user experience. Users can share more about themselves, their interests, skills, or any other information that can be beneficial for the community. This not only helps in fostering a sense of community but also aids in networking and collaboration among members.

Secondly, custom profile fields can be used to segment users based on specific criteria. This can be particularly useful for community managers or administrators for organizing events, sending targeted communications, or tailoring content to specific groups. Lastly, these fields can provide valuable insights about the community members, which can be used to make data-driven decisions and strategies.

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