Kajabi terms

Content Dripping

Releasing content to users over time.

What is content dripping in Kajabi?

Content dripping in Kajabi refers to the process of releasing content to users over a specified period of time, rather than all at once. This feature is particularly useful for online courses or membership sites where information is delivered in a sequential manner. The main purpose of content dripping is to keep users engaged and prevent them from feeling overwhelmed with too much information at once.

In Kajabi, content dripping can be customized based on the user's enrollment date or a specific calendar date. This allows course creators or site owners to control the pace at which their users consume the content. It also encourages users to regularly return to the platform, thereby increasing user engagement and retention.

How to set up content dripping in Kajabi?

Setting up content dripping in Kajabi involves a few steps. First, you need to create a new product or select an existing one. Once you've done that, go to the "Product Details" page and click on the "Posts" tab. Here, you can add new posts or edit existing ones.

To set up content dripping, click on the "Drip" tab in the post editor. You can then choose when you want the content to be available to your customers. This can be immediately after purchase, a certain number of days after purchase, or on a specific date. Once you've made your selection, click "Save" to apply the changes. Remember, you can set up different drip schedules for different posts within the same product.

What are the benefits of content dripping in Kajabi?

Content dripping in Kajabi offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows for a structured and paced learning experience for users. By releasing content over time, users can absorb information at a manageable pace, which can enhance their understanding and retention of the material. This is particularly beneficial for complex or extensive courses where overwhelming users with all the content at once could be counterproductive.

Secondly, content dripping can help in maintaining user engagement over a longer period. It creates anticipation for the next piece of content and can help keep users coming back, which can lead to higher completion rates for courses. Additionally, it can also provide a consistent revenue stream for creators, as users stay subscribed to access the upcoming content. Lastly, it gives course creators the flexibility to refine future content based on user feedback and engagement with the already released material.

Can I customize the content dripping schedule in Kajabi?

Yes, you can customize the content dripping schedule in Kajabi. Kajabi provides a feature known as "Drip Content" which allows you to schedule the release of your course content over a specific period of time. This can be particularly useful if you want to gradually release content to your students, rather than giving them access to everything at once.

To customize the content dripping schedule, you simply need to go to the "Products" tab in your Kajabi dashboard, select the product you want to customize, and then click on the "Content" tab. From there, you can set the drip schedule for each individual piece of content. You can choose to release content immediately upon purchase, or set a specific number of days after purchase for the content to become available.

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