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Clip Height

The height of clips as they appear in the timeline.

What is the clip height in ScreenFlow?

ScreenFlow does not specifically have a feature called "clip height." However, the term could be referring to the height of a video clip within the editing software. In ScreenFlow, you can adjust the size of your video clips, which includes their height, by selecting the clip and using the video properties panel.

The video properties panel allows you to scale the height and width of your video clip, crop it, or adjust its position on the screen. You can also rotate the clip or add video filters. Therefore, while ScreenFlow doesn't have a specific "clip height" feature, it does allow for comprehensive manipulation of a clip's dimensions and position.

How to adjust clip height in ScreenFlow?

In ScreenFlow, adjusting the clip height is a straightforward process. First, open the project that contains the clip you want to adjust. Then, locate the clip in the timeline at the bottom of the ScreenFlow interface.

To adjust the clip height, hover your mouse over the clip until you see a double-sided arrow. Click and drag this arrow up or down to adjust the height of the clip. This will not affect the content of the clip, but it will change how much space the clip takes up in the timeline, making it easier to see and work with. Remember to save your project after making these adjustments to ensure your changes are kept.

Why can't I change the clip height in ScreenFlow?

ScreenFlow does not allow you to directly change the clip height because it automatically adjusts the height based on the aspect ratio of the video. The aspect ratio is the ratio of the width to the height of the image. It is designed this way to maintain the quality and consistency of the video. Changing the height independently of the width could distort the video, making it look stretched or squashed.

However, you can change the size of the clip by adjusting both the width and height simultaneously, which maintains the aspect ratio. This can be done by selecting the clip and dragging the handles at the corners. If you need to fit the video into a specific space, you can adjust the canvas size instead. Remember, any significant changes in size may affect the video quality.

What does clip height do in ScreenFlow?

Clip height in ScreenFlow refers to the vertical dimension of a video or audio clip within the editing timeline. It is a visual representation of the clip's duration and content, but it does not affect the actual size or quality of the video or audio.

Adjusting the clip height can make it easier to view and edit the clip, especially when working with multiple layers of video or audio. For example, increasing the clip height can reveal more detail in the audio waveform or make it easier to see where cuts and transitions are located in the video. However, changing the clip height does not change the duration or content of the clip. It is purely a tool for improving the editing experience.

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