Podcasting terms

Clean Tag

An indication that a podcast episode does not contain explicit content.

What is a clean tag in podcasting?

A clean tag in podcasting is a label or indicator that the content of a particular podcast episode is free from explicit content. This means that the episode does not contain any strong language, adult themes, or graphic descriptions that may be inappropriate or offensive to some listeners. The clean tag is especially important for podcasts that are intended for a general audience, including children or people who prefer not to listen to explicit content.

The clean tag is typically displayed on the podcast's page or next to the episode's title, allowing potential listeners to easily see whether the content is suitable for them. It is a part of the podcast's metadata and is often required by podcast directories and platforms. It helps in categorizing and filtering the content, making it easier for listeners to find podcasts that match their preferences.

How does the Clean Tag in podcasting work?

The Clean Tag in podcasting is a feature that podcasters use to indicate that their content is free from explicit language or adult themes. This is particularly useful for listeners who prefer family-friendly content or for those who are listening in environments where explicit content would be inappropriate, such as at work or in public spaces. The Clean Tag is typically visible in the podcast's description or details, allowing potential listeners to easily identify if the content is suitable for their needs.

When a podcaster uploads their content to a hosting platform, they have the option to mark their episode or entire podcast as "clean". This tag is then embedded into the metadata of the podcast file. Podcast directories and apps, such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify, read this metadata and display the Clean Tag to users. It's important to note that the use of the Clean Tag is based on the honor system, and it's the podcaster's responsibility to ensure their content aligns with the tag's intent.

Why is the Clean Tag important in podcasting?

The Clean Tag is important in podcasting as it serves as a guide for listeners about the content of the podcast. It indicates that the podcast episode does not contain explicit content, such as adult language or adult themes, making it suitable for all audiences. This is particularly useful for listeners who prefer family-friendly content or are in environments where explicit content would be inappropriate, such as workplaces or public spaces.

Moreover, the Clean Tag can also impact the podcast's reach and accessibility. Some platforms or apps may filter out explicit content, limiting the audience that can access such podcasts. Therefore, having a Clean Tag can help podcasters reach a wider audience. Additionally, it can also influence a podcast's rating and reviews, as some listeners may give lower ratings or negative reviews if they encounter unexpected explicit content.

How to add a Clean Tag to my podcast?

Adding a clean tag to your podcast is a simple process that can be done through your podcast hosting platform. First, you need to log into your podcast hosting account. Once you're logged in, navigate to the settings or options for your podcast. This is usually found in the dashboard or main menu.

Look for an option that says "Content Rating" or something similar. Here, you should see options for "Explicit" or "Clean". Select the "Clean" option to add a clean tag to your podcast. This indicates that your podcast does not contain explicit content. Remember to save your changes before exiting. The process may vary slightly depending on your hosting platform, but the general steps remain the same.

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