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The page where customers complete their purchase.

What is checkout in Kajabi?

Checkout in Kajabi refers to the process through which customers finalize their purchases. It is a crucial part of the sales funnel where customers review their selected products or services, provide necessary information such as shipping and billing details, and make the payment. The checkout process in Kajabi is designed to be smooth and user-friendly to ensure a positive shopping experience and reduce cart abandonment rates.

Kajabi also allows businesses to customize their checkout process. They can add custom fields to collect additional information from customers, offer upsells or order bumps, and apply automatic discounts. Moreover, Kajabi's checkout process is secure, ensuring that customers' sensitive information is protected. It also integrates with various payment gateways, making it convenient for customers to pay using their preferred method.

How to set up checkout in Kajabi?

Setting up checkout in Kajabi involves a few steps. First, you need to create an offer for your product. Go to the "Offers" tab in your Kajabi dashboard and click on "New Offer". Fill in the details of your offer, including the name, price, and what products or services are included. You can also add any discounts or payment plans at this stage. Once you've created your offer, click "Save".

Next, you need to link your offer to a checkout page. Go to the "Website" tab in your dashboard and select "Checkout Pages". Click on "New Checkout Page" and select the offer you just created from the dropdown menu. Customize your checkout page with your branding and any additional information you want to include. Once you're happy with your checkout page, click "Save". Now, whenever a customer clicks on your offer, they'll be taken to this checkout page to complete their purchase.

How to customize checkout page in Kajabi?

Customizing the checkout page in Kajabi can be done through the platform's settings. First, navigate to the "Settings" tab on your Kajabi dashboard and select "Checkout." Here, you can modify various aspects of your checkout page such as the logo, background image, and colors to match your brand. You can also add custom text, such as a thank you message or additional instructions for your customers.

In addition to these basic customizations, Kajabi also allows you to add custom fields to your checkout page. This can be done by clicking on the "Add Field" button under the "Custom Fields" section. You can then choose the type of field you want to add (text, checkbox, etc.) and enter the necessary details. Remember to click "Save" once you're done to apply the changes. This way, you can gather more information from your customers during the checkout process, such as their phone number or special instructions for their order.

How to add payment options in Kajabi checkout?

To add payment options in Kajabi checkout, you first need to navigate to the "Settings" section of your Kajabi dashboard. From there, select "Checkout" from the list of options. This will take you to the checkout settings page where you can manage your payment options.

On the checkout settings page, you will see a section labeled "Payment Options". Here, you can choose to enable or disable various payment methods such as credit card payments, PayPal, and more. Simply toggle the switch next to each payment method to enable or disable it. Once you have made your selections, click "Save" to apply your changes. Your selected payment options will now be available for customers at checkout.

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