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Canva for Enterprise

A Canva program for larger businesses with additional features.

What is Canva for Enterprise?

Canva for Enterprise is a premium version of the popular graphic design tool, Canva, specifically designed for businesses and organizations. It offers all the features of Canva Pro, but with additional tools and functionalities that cater to the needs of large teams and businesses. This includes features like brand control, team collaboration, unlimited storage, and advanced design and content management tools.

With Canva for Enterprise, businesses can maintain brand consistency by setting brand colors, fonts, and logos that all team members can use. It also allows for easy collaboration with team members, where designs can be shared, edited, and commented on in real-time. Additionally, it provides advanced security features, including single sign-on and 24/7 enterprise-level support.

How much does Canva for Enterprise cost?

Canva for Enterprise pricing is not directly listed on the Canva website. The cost is determined based on the specific needs of the business or organization. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Canva directly for a quote.

The website does mention that Canva for Enterprise is designed for teams of four or more and includes features such as brand control, team collaboration, unlimited storage, and priority support. It also offers a 30-day free trial for those who want to test out the service before committing to a purchase.

What features are included in Canva for Enterprise?

Canva for Enterprise offers a range of features designed to support large businesses and organizations. One of the key features is the Brand Kit, which allows businesses to maintain brand consistency by storing and sharing logos, colors, and fonts. It also includes a Content Planner for scheduling social media content directly from Canva, and a Team Templates feature for creating, sharing, and collaborating on designs within a team.

In addition, Canva for Enterprise provides advanced security and privacy features, including single sign-on (SSO) and built-in two-factor authentication. It also offers priority support, with a dedicated account manager and priority response times. Furthermore, it includes unlimited storage for designs and assets, and the ability to establish workflows for design approval and team roles and permissions.

How many users can be added to Canva for Enterprise?

Canva for Enterprise allows for an unlimited number of users to be added. This makes it an ideal solution for large businesses and organizations that require many team members to have access to design tools and resources. The platform is designed to support collaboration among large teams, so there is no cap on the number of users that can be added. However, the cost of the subscription may increase with the addition of more users. It's recommended to contact Canva's sales team for specific pricing details based on the number of users you wish to add.

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