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Quizzes or surveys within a course or product.

What is an assessment in Kajabi?

An assessment in Kajabi refers to a tool or feature that allows course creators to evaluate the progress and understanding of their students. It is a type of interactive content that can be added to any part of the course to engage students and measure their comprehension of the course material.

Assessments in Kajabi can take various forms such as quizzes, tests, surveys, or assignments. They can be used to provide immediate feedback to students, track their performance over time, and identify areas where they may need additional support or instruction. This feature is particularly useful in online learning environments where direct, face-to-face interaction between instructors and students is limited.

How to create an assessment in Kajabi?

Creating an assessment in Kajabi is a straightforward process. First, you need to log into your Kajabi account and navigate to the "Products" tab. From there, select the product you want to add an assessment to, then click on the "Posts" tab. Click on the "New Post" button and select "Assessment" from the dropdown menu.

Next, you will be prompted to enter a title for your assessment and add questions. You can choose from multiple choice, single line, or multiline questions. After adding all your questions, you can set the passing score for the assessment. Once you're satisfied with your assessment, click on the "Save" button. You can then add the assessment to your course by linking it to a specific lesson or module.

How to use assessments in Kajabi for student evaluation?

Assessments in Kajabi can be used for student evaluation by creating quizzes or surveys within your course. To do this, you first need to navigate to the "Products" tab in your Kajabi dashboard and select the course you want to add an assessment to. Then, click on "New Post" and select "Assessment". You can then choose whether you want to create a quiz or a survey.

For quizzes, you can add multiple choice questions, and you can also set a passing score. This allows you to evaluate student understanding of the course material. For surveys, you can ask open-ended questions to gather feedback or gauge student satisfaction. Once you've created your assessment, you can add it to your course outline and it will be available for students to take. You can then use the results of these assessments to evaluate student performance and make improvements to your course.

Can I customize the assessment feature in Kajabi?

Yes, you can customize the assessment feature in Kajabi. Kajabi provides a variety of options to tailor your assessments according to your needs. You can create quizzes, surveys, and questionnaires with different types of questions such as multiple choice, true or false, and fill in the blank. You can also set a passing score for your assessments, decide whether to show correct answers after submission, and choose to send automated emails based on the results.

Furthermore, Kajabi allows you to customize the look and feel of your assessments. You can add images, videos, and audio to your questions, and you can also change the color scheme and layout to match your brand. Additionally, you can use Kajabi's assessment analytics to track your students' progress and performance. This level of customization makes Kajabi's assessment feature a powerful tool for creating engaging and effective online courses.

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