Substack terms

Account Deletion

Option to permanently delete the Substack account.

What is account deletion in Substack?

Account deletion in Substack refers to the process of permanently removing a user's account from the Substack platform. This includes all the data associated with the account such as posts, comments, subscriptions, and personal information. Once an account is deleted, it cannot be recovered or restored, and the user will lose access to any paid subscriptions they may have.

The process typically involves the user submitting a request to Substack's support team for account deletion. The team then verifies the request and proceeds with the deletion. It's important to note that deleting an account is a serious action and should only be done if the user is certain they no longer want to use their Substack account.

How can I delete my Substack account?

To delete your Substack account, you will need to contact Substack's support team directly as there is no option to delete your account from the user interface. You can reach out to them via email at In your email, clearly state that you wish to delete your account and provide any necessary information they might need to identify your account, such as your username or the email address associated with the account.

Please note that deleting your account will likely result in the loss of any content you have published on the platform. Therefore, it's recommended to backup any important data before proceeding with the deletion. Also, remember that the deletion process might take some time, so be patient and wait for a confirmation from the Substack support team.

Is it possible to permanently delete my Substack account?

Yes, it is possible to permanently delete your Substack account. However, Substack does not provide an automatic option for this in the account settings. You will need to contact Substack's support team directly to request account deletion.

You can reach out to them via email at In your email, clearly state that you want to permanently delete your account. Remember to send the email from the address associated with your Substack account for verification purposes. After your request is processed, all your data will be erased and you won't be able to recover it.

What happens to my content if I delete my Substack account?

If you delete your Substack account, all your content will be permanently removed from the platform. This includes all your posts, comments, and any other data associated with your account. Once deleted, this information cannot be recovered or restored.

However, before you delete your account, Substack allows you to export your data. This includes your posts, email list, and other information. It's recommended to do this if you think you might need this information in the future. After the deletion process, your content will no longer be accessible to you or your subscribers on Substack.

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