July 11, 2023

Top Communities for Indie Hackers & Makers


Welcome to our first edition of Top Communities, in which we search, review and feature online communities for a given audience - no fluff!

In this edition, we'll feature makers communities: the indie hackers, the solopreneurs, the bootstrappers!

Let's get started 🥸

Ramen Club

Founder: Charlie Ward

Year started: 2019

Cost: $39/month

No Code Founders

Founder: Joshua Tiernan

Year started: 2019

Cost: Free

Indie Worldwide

Founder: Anthony Castrio

Year started: 2019

Cost: $49/month


Founder: Sergio Mattei

Year started: 2019

Cost: Free


Founder: Marc Köhlbrugge

Year started: 2020

Cost: Free

Hacker Cabin

Founder: Simon

Year started: 2023

Cost: $8/month

Indie Masterminds

Founder: Ayush Chaturvedi

Year started: 2022

Cost: $15/month

Indie Family

Founder: Arnaud de Saint Jean

Year started: 2023

Cost: Free

Wannabe Entrepreneur

Founder: Tiago Ferreira

Year started: 2021

Cost: Free


Founder: Ivan Homola

Year started: 2017

Cost: Free

Indie Hackers

Founder: Courtland Allen

Year started: 2016

Cost: Free

Which community should you choose?

Each community has its own vibe, so it's very much a personal choice.

However, there are things you should know:

  • Paid communities are (usually) of higher quality.

  • Same comment for communities who vet its members.

  • A high member count isn't always a good thing.

  • Low engagement on members intro post is a bad sign.

  • Better to be active in one community, than half-active in five.

That's it for our first edition of Top Communities ✅ - hope you've enjoyed it.

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