September 8, 2023

The List of Leadership Conferences in 2023


The mark of a leader is someone who keeps working to sharpen their skills. That’s what leadership conferences are all about. They offer an opportunity for people to come together and learn from one another. 

2023 has a lineup of great leadership conferences. So, to learn how to hone your leadership skills, check out the following conferences. 

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Great Place to Work For All Summit -  Feb. 9th, 2023

Timezone: Central Time Zone (CT) 

Price: $1,295-$1,795

Format: Hybrid

The 19th Great Place to Work® For All™ Summit was a vital event for business and HR leaders, hosted by the renowned authority on workplace culture, Great Place to Work.

It brought leaders together to connect, innovate, and lead in creating a more inclusive future of work for everyone. This summit was about promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity in workplaces worldwide.


Gartner Digital Workplace Summit - May 15-16, 2023

Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Price: $3,100 - $3,675

Format: In person

The Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2023 in London was a significant event for people overseeing digital workplaces. Its core focus was enhancing work processes through the smart use of technology and talent.

If you’re in charge of how your company relies on technology and human resources, this event provided insights to lead and adapt to changing work dynamics. It was a must for anyone striving to improve work practices.


SHRM Annual Conference and Expo 23 - June 10th, 2023

Timezone: Pacific Time Zone (PT) 


Member Rates

  • Preview Rate (Through 11/24/23): $1,795

  • Early Bird (11/25/23 – 3/29/24): $2,095

  • Standard (3/30/24 – 6/22/24): $2,295

  • Onsite (After 6/23/24): $2,395

Nonmember Rates

  • Preview Rate (Through 11/24/23): $2,195

  • Early Bird (11/25/23 – 3/29/24): $2,495

  • Standard (3/30/24 – 6/22/24): $2,695

  • Onsite (After 6/23/24): $2,795

Join Now Rates

  • Preview Rate (Through 11/24/23): $1,995

  • Early Bird (11/25/23 – 3/29/24): $2,295

  • Standard (3/30/24 – 6/22/24): $2,495

  • Onsite (After 6/23/24): $2,595

Format: Hybrid

SHRM23 is a big conference for the HR world. There are over 275 sessions covering everything HR-related. It doesn't matter if you're new or a pro; there's something for everyone. They even have sessions for top HR leaders. 

SHRM23 discusses the latest HR ideas and how work is changing. It's not just about learning; you can meet other HR pros and connect. Plus, you can work on your pro skills and certifications.

SHRM23 is all about the future of work and staying ahead in HR. It's a great place to learn and grow in your career.

Collision - June 26-29, 2023

Timezone: Eastern Time Zone (ET)

Price: $1000

Format: Hybrid

The Collision conference had a great year, drawing more than 36,000 people to delve into Toronto's vibrant tech landscape. POLITICO even likened it to the "Olympics of Tech" because it brought together worldwide tech pioneers and firms shaping the industry's direction. 

This event was the top choice for networking, sharing insights, and discussing innovations, all while pushing the limits of tech.


Global Leadership Summit - Aug. 3-4, 2023

Timezone: Central Time Zone (CT)

Price: USD 229  

Format: Online 

The Global Leadership Summit was a two-day event to enhance leadership skills. It brought together experts from various fields to share their wisdom. Whether you were a leader in business or religion, this summit offered a chance to grow and increase your influence in our evolving world. It was a chance to learn, network, and grow as a leader.


Industry Of Things World - Sept. 17-19, 2023

Timezone: Central European Time (CET)


  • All-Inclusive Event Pass: $3481.47

  • Premium Event Pass: $2945.69

  • Standard Event Pass: $2549

  • Digital Event Pass: $2731.38

*Please note that these prices are exclusive of VAT at 19%.

Format: Hybrid

The Industry of Things World Europe conference is a top event in the world of Industry 4.0. It focuses on how tech, networking, and data can benefit industries. 

Over 450 experts, decision-makers, and industry providers gathered to discuss the latest tech trends and Industrial IoT (IIoT) opportunities. It's a great way to stay informed and connected in the industrial sector.


Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit - Oct 8-11, 2023

Timezone: Eastern Time Zone (ET)


  • In-person: General Attendee – United States

    • $750

  • In-person: General Attendee – International

    • $750

  • Virtual: General Attendee - United States

    • $25

  • Virtual: General Attendee - International

    • $25

Format: Hybrid

The Forbes Under 30 Summit in Cleveland this October is a must for young leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators worldwide. This dynamic four-day gathering offers networking opportunities, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration. Renowned experts will provide insights, making it a hub for those looking to get inspired. 


Ernst and Young's Strategic Growth Forum - Nov. 9-12, 2023

Timezone: Pacific Time Zone (PT)

Price: TBD

Format: In person

The Strategic Growth Forum US brings together CEOs, high-growth entrepreneurs, C-suite execs from global market leaders, and fund managers across the United States. 

These leaders get together to gain insights from inspiring keynotes, engage in thought-provoking panel discussions, hold one-on-one meetings, and connect. All with the goal of driving economic growth.

The Forum ends with the prestigious Entrepreneur Of The Year US National Awards celebration, making it a big event for business leaders.

World Business Forum - Nov. 15-16, 2023

Timezone: Eastern Time Zone (ET) 

Price: $2190

Format: In person

The World Business Forum in New York is a two-day event with more than 2,000 senior execs attending. It's organized by WOBI and brings together thought leaders to talk about critical management issues.

The main goals of the Forum are to spark fresh ideas, provide tips, and motivate people to take action. Besides gaining knowledge, it's also a great chance to connect with other people who share your interests. This event is helpful for execs looking to tackle the challenges of today's business world.

Final Thoughts

Each leadership conference offers the opportunity to learn, grow and connect with others. So, mark your calendars and try to make the most of them. 

Also, keep your eye out for other conferences to level up your skills. 2023 has a lot to offer, like product management, creator, and tech conferences. There are some great events coming our way in 2024, too, like human resources and social media conferences. Stay tuned.

Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs

Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs