May 20, 2024

How to Blur a Video in Canva?


Are you looking to blur parts of your videos for privacy or a more professional look?

Canva offers an easy solution.

How to blur videos with Canva

Follow these straightforward steps to blur your video in Canva:

1. Select the Videos Option: Start by choosing the Videos template option on Canva’s main page.

You can also select Create a Design and scroll down to Video. 

2. Choose the Template: Pick a video template that suits your needs. Just make sure to take a quick look at the pixels and dimensions to ensure it's the right fit for your project.

3. Upload/Select Your Video: Click on Import file and select your video file to add it to the Canva canvas.

Or, take a look at Canva’s stock videos and find one for your project.

4. Find the Blur Effect in Elements: Start by clicking on the Elements option. 

 Then, in the search bar, type Blur. Click on it, and you'll find various blurry shapes in different directions and colors. 

5. Apply the Blur Effect: Pick one of the blur effects and add it to your video. And remember, you can also go for a gradient instead of the blur effect in Canva.

6. Adjust the Blur Effect Timing: Click on the blur effect in the video's timeline, then hit the three dots to access additional settings for the blur effect. Next, click Show Timing to change the timing of the blur effect to focus on specific parts of your video by adjusting the start and end points.

7. Resize or Orient the Blur Effect: You can always adjust the size or orientation of the blur effect to make sure only the areas you want are blurred.

8. Save Your Video: Once you're happy with the blur, just hit the Share button, then choose the file format you want for download. Easy as that.


Can I blur a video on Canva?

Yes, blurring a video on Canva is straightforward. Just upload your video from your computer or import it from Google Drive, Dropbox, or YouTube. After your video is uploaded, head to the "Element" option, then type "blur effect" into the search bar. From there, pick the blur shape and color that fits your preferences. 

How do you selectively blur in Canva?

To blur in Canva selectively, start by selecting the image you want to blur. Then, click on "Filter." In the window that appears, hit "Advanced Options" at the bottom. Adjust the Blur slider until you achieve the desired level of blur. For a head start, Canva offers three pre-made blurred backgrounds that are ready for use. 

How to blur the background in a video?

To blur the background in a video on Canva, simply click "Edit Photo" and select "Auto Focus" to automatically blur the background. Alternatively, you can navigate to the "Adjust" tab and choose "Background" under the "Select area" option to adjust the sharpness of the image. 

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, blurring a video in Canva offers a quick way to boost privacy, professionalism, and overall visual appeal in your content. 

But don't forget to explore other tools like Tella for more editing power. Tella allows you to easily blur backgrounds in your videos, giving them that extra touch. 

With its intuitive features and seamless integration across various applications, Tella is a great tool for creators looking to take their video content to the next level with minimal effort.

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Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs