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BombBomb vs Tella

Tired of boring videos? Lose the square and create videos that stand out with Tella.

Introducing Tella

Tella is a screen recorder just like BombBomb, but it elevates the user experience by blending simplicity and creativity, catering to users eager to craft engaging and visually stunning videos without the complexity.

Unlike BombBomb, which offers lots of features around the video but not so many to elevate the quality of the video, Tella focuses on enhancing the creative aspects of video production, leading to better-looking videos and higher engagement.

Tella - a BombBomb alternative

Comparing BombBomb vs Tella

First, Tella stands out because you can record videos in super clear 4K quality. This means your videos look amazing and clear, much better than what you usually get.

One of the best things about Tella is how you can change the way your video looks e.g the position of your screen and camera, and have it dynamically change during the video. This is great for keeping people watching.

Tella also lets you add effects like zooming in and animated backgrounds. This makes your videos more fun to watch without needing to be a video expert.

It's important to note that Tella isn't the best for deep video analysis or for automating emails like BombBomb is. If those things are really important for your video work, then this difference matters.

Tella - a Stream alternative

Is Tella free?

You can start using Tella for free at This lets you record your screen and camera without paying anything

If you want all of Tella's features, the full version starts at $15/month (and there's a free 7-day trial too), making it much cheaper than BombBomb.

If you like making videos and want something easy and fun to use, Tella is a great choice.

Tella - a Stream alternative