Tella for Students

Record presentations, tutorials, and share notes with classmates using Tella’s screen recorder.

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Use Tella as a student to share work and feedback.

How can students use video?

Students can use video during their studies to collaborate with other classmates and record presentations to submit online. Rather than sending texts to classmates explaining what you’re learning, hop into Tella’s screen recording app, share your screen and send it to your classmate instantly.

Students can use Tella to share work and record presentations.

How to start using Tella as a student

Step 1: Record

Log in or sign up to Tella’s screen recorder. It takes less than a minute. Once inside, pick the screen you want to record and start recording. Make as many recordings as you need. Once you’ve recorded all of your clips, you can go to the editor.

Step 2: Customise

Tella’s editor is intuitive to use, and you don’t need a degree in videography to use it. Start rearranging clips or trimming out sections that aren’t necessary, and splice up your clips to get them how you want them. You can also choose or upload custom backgrounds and change the layout of your recording.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re video is complete, download it as a 4K Mp4 file or share it using a link. If you have any last-minute changes to make, you can always go back to edit or make another recording.

Record your work and presentations as a student directly from your laptop using Tella.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Tella cost?

It’s free to get started with Tella. The first 10 recordings you make are on us. For the pro version, it’s $19 per month. Ask our support team about our Education discount.

How do I record my presentations online?

Most conferencing tools let you record your screen and webcam. But they don’t allow you to edit them. With Tella’s screen recorder, you can make video presentations directly from your browser for free.

Where can I record my presentation?

Go to and log in to Tella’s free slides recorder. Tella will instantly connect with your device's webcam and screen, and you can begin recording yourself in their presentation window. When you’ve finished your recording and edited it, so it’s perfect, you can download it, share a link, or get a code to embed it on a webpage.

How can I make a tutorial video for my classmates?

To make tutorials of course material, use a screen and camera recording tool that lets your record both your screen and webcam. You can use Tella to easily record your tutorial, edit it, so it looks the way you want, and share it with your classmates. You can change the permission of the video so only those with the unique link can see it.

More ways to use Tella

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