Tellavision — January 2024

Tellavision — January 2024

Welcome to the first episode of Tellavision for 2024. Tellavision is our monthly product newsletter video. This one's really special because we are announcing our latest feature, Multi-Layouts.


Multi-Layouts is a new way of editing your videos in Tella. It's the biggest update to the Tella editor ever, and it was our most requested feature. What it does is it lets you combine multiple layouts, and multiple shots in a single clip, so that you can make more dynamic videos, more engaging videos, way faster.

You can switch from a shot of your camera to just a shot of your screen, and then maybe you can switch to a shot of your screen and camera side by side. You can just repeat this process throughout your clip as many times as you want to get the effect that you want.

The cool thing about it is that you don't need to worry about it at all during the recording. You can just quickly make these edits after you've done the recording, so you can just focus on doing your best demo, and best pitch.

So let's jump into Tella and show you how it works.

How it Works

So here I've got a screen and camera recording, and we're going to add a bunch of different layouts to it.

Screen and camera recording

So open up the Layouts panel and this time you'll see the all-new layouts panel and the new layouts timeline.

Layouts Panel

So for the example, I'd probably want to add a quick little introduction section where it's just me on camera, teeing up the video, talking about what's to come, I'll select a point early on in the video, press Add Layout then what happens is I get these two sections that I can work with.

Layout TImeline

Each section is a place where you can add a specific layout. So if I go over to this first section, select the Camera Only option.

Selecting Camera Only Layout

And now you can see that the Camera Only shot, transitions into the screen plus camera shot.

Camera Shot Only

If you want to adjust where that change happens, grab the handle and you can move that back and forth to fine-tune the spot.

And that's kind of all there is to it. You can just repeat this process throughout the video to create the desired effect that you want with your video.

So let's go and do that and add a bunch more.

Adding More Effects

One of the cool things that you can do with this feature is that you can do kind of jump cuts or punch-ins.

For example, in my Camera Only shot, just here where I make eye contact with the camera.

Eye Contact with Camera

That could be a cool place to punch in and zoom in on my face a bit. So I'm going to hit add layout, and this time I'm going to select the full-screen, camera-only shot. And now you can see that this will jump in like this:

Eye Contact with Camera Zoom

You can fine-tune exactly how that works with the handle. So you can play around, do a bunch of different things, combine shots in all sorts of different ways. You can use it just to emphasize a simple part of your video, or you can go crazy and put it throughout your video to make it as eye-catching and as engaging as you like.

Multi-Layouts plays nice with all of your other favorite Tella features, so you can trim, split, and remove parts of your video and then use that edited version to add your layouts on top of that.

You can also go back and adjust the edits afterward and your layouts will update nicely.

Same thing with Zooms. So you can go and add a bunch of cool zoom effects and then combine these with different layouts to create some cool kind of combination effects.

More Changes

Now, for you Tella nerds out there, we've made a few other more subtle changes to the editor that I want to show you.

The first is that in the past when you used to select a tool, it would pop out at a little modal and that would overlap the canvas that's now gone. When you open up a modal, the canvas shifts over so you can see the full canvas and the modal at the same time.

New Modal

The other cool thing that we've done, which really helps with multilayouts and as we add more tools, is that when you open up a Mode and you're working at a certain point of it and realize there's a mistake in the video.

In the past, you then have to exit out of the mode and then go into the trim mode and make a change there, then exit out of that.

Well, now we've got two changes that make this process a lot nicer.

So the first is that if I saw a mistake, I could just switch into trim mode directly.

Trim Mode

I don't need to exit out of the previous one, I don't need to enter the new one. I just need to go and select the trim tool that'll switch the timeline to the Trim timeline.

Then the second thing is that your cursor stays at the exact point that you left.

Cursor Stays Exact Point

So I can just hit split here, split there, and then remove that section. And now I can jump back into the layouts tool to the same spot. And this time add the correct layout to the corrected part of the video.

This also applies to zooms and anything else that has a timeline. You'll stay at the same point on the timeline no matter which tool you use, so you can switch between them way more seamlessly.

That is multilayouts. We're really excited to see what you make with it. And if you stay tuned this month, next month soon, we have a really cool improvement already in the works, which is Transitions, real transitions so you can smoothly transition from one layout to the next and it makes the whole video feel great.

That's coming soon. Keep an eye out for that. But do be patient. The last part of it can take a lot longer than you expect. See ya!

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