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Re-use clips and to save time in Tella’s screen recorder.

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What is re-using clips?

Re-using clips is when you duplicate a recording you made with the purpose of using it again in the same or different way. In the Tella app, it’s easy to duplicate your clips and re-use them in anther video. This helps you scale-up your video creation. Perfect for high-frequency use-cases like sales and onboarding.

Re-use clips as many times as you need to in different videos

How to re-use clips in Tella

Step 1: Record

Open the Tella app and log in or sign up. It only takes a couple of clicks. Pick the screen and webcam you want to record and create as many clips as you need. Once you’ve got all of your recordings, move to our easy-to-use editor. The next time you make a video you'll be able to re-use the clip you just recorded.

Step 2: Customize

In Tella’s editor, you can trim, rearrange, cut, and duplicate the recordings you made in the last step. To re-use a clip, simply duplicate it. You can use that clip to replay it in a different part of your recording or edit it how you see fit.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re done editing your video and re-using clips, click “Finish.” You’ll go to the page where you can share it using a unique link or download it as a 4K Mp4 file.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many clips can I re-use?

With Tella, you can re-use as many recorded clips you make as you want. You can cut, trim, rearrange, and split them to use them in a different way or leave them how they are. If you want to reuse another clip, Tella makes it easy.

How easy is it to edit my screen recordings?

Tella’s editor is built to be intuitive but provides as many capabilities as possible, so every video you make looks clean and professionally done without all the legwork. It takes only a few minutes to get your video the way you want it. And if you don’t get your recording right the first time, it’s easy to go back and make another clip.

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Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith

Sales, FastSpring

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