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What is a lesson video?

A lesson video is a recording you make virtually to share a presentation or class for students. The purpose of recording lessons is to provide a more engaging learning experience than just reading materials. It also makes your lessons evergreen so that students can rewatch them at any time. In Tella’s screen recorder, you can record both your screen and webcam, changing the layout so your lessons are clear, look professional, and are effective at teaching your audience.

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How to make a lesson video

Step 1: Record

In the Tella app, open the screen recorder. Click “Start Recording” and begin sharing your lesson. If you need to, you can pause the recording and start again to make a new clip.

Step 2: Customize

When you have all your recordings, you use Tella’s editor to trim clips, re-record more clips if need be, and adjust the background and layout of your screen and webcam. Make the video perfect, and choose from our variety of templated backgrounds or layouts.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re lesson video is complete, you can share it with a link, generate an embed code to embed it on a website, or download it to publish on YouTube. You’ll always have the ability to go back and change the video if you want to.

Record and create lesson videos directly from your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create lesson content?

In the Tella app, you can record your lessons on your computer for free. It’s easy to create professional videos with our intuitive editor that lets you trim, re-arrange clips, add subtitles, change the layout and more. Tella also lets you share your videos with a link and export them with a 4K resolution.

How do you make recorded lessons engaging?

Online lessons can be less engaging than in person because it’s less collaborative and can feel like you’re just watching a video. To make them more engaging, make sure the video is edited, so it doesn’t include any mistakes or meandering. This way, it’s focused. Also, make sure your lessons are prerecorded so students can pause and rewatch anything that they’re struggling to understand. The ability to pause and go back makes for a much richer learning experience.

Can I have notes while recording my lesson?

While recording your lesson, you can add speaker notes before your recording so you can see the screen you’re sharing, your webcam view, and the speaker notes. In this way, you can keep track of what you’re presenting without having to have notes in a separate tool.

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