Grant Shaddick
December 7, 2020

How to Create Video Presentations in Tella

Today we're introducing a brand new feature. We're calling it Slides (Marketing really outdid themselves with the name).

Slides makes creating a video presentation easy, just import your slides and then record yourself presenting.

The reason for adding Slides is pretty simple: we want to help our users make better video presentations. While researching another feature we found that a lot of people were already making video presentations in Tella. They'd do a screen recording while presenting a slide deck using Google Slides (or PowerPoint, or some other presentation software).

But switching back and forth between their presentation software and Tella made for a clunky presentation experience. And changing apps to do the recording meant they captured unwanted screen footage that would need to be removed later—no one needs to see the galaxy of Untitled folders and screenshots on your desktop.

Now, with just a couple of clicks, it's possible to turn that dusty old slide deck of yours into a snazzy, interactive video presentation. You can do it all in Tella, without unnecessary editing.

I don't know if 2021 will be better than 2020. But I do know that video presentations made in Tella can help you work asynchronously, cut back on meetings, and give your viewers a more interactive way to consume your wisdom.

Read on and learn how to make your own video presentation using Slides in Tella.

Adding your slides

There are two ways you can import slides into Tella. The first is by importing your slides as images. If you're thinking, 'mate, my presentation is a PowerPoint, it's just not a bunch of images', don't worry, PowerPoint and Keynote let you export your presentation to images. Once you've done that all your slides can be imported into Tella in one go.

Click "Add slides" and choose to upload or import from Google Slides.

The second way is using our Google Slides integration. With this you can pick a presentation from your Google Drive without leaving Tella. All the slides in your presentation will be added automatically, ready to present.

You can also combine these approaches. So if you want to add extra image slides to your Google Slides, go ahead!

Setting up your recording

Now that you've imported your slides you can get set to record. You can delete any of your original slides that aren't needed for the video presentation, for example a contents slide. You can also reorder your slides by clicking on one and dragging it to a new spot.

Add some style to your video presentation by adjusting the appearance of your slides. Applying a border and a drop shadow will help them stand out nicely from your background.

Select the slide layer on the canvas and then use the style options in the right-hand sidebar.

Presenting your slides

While you're recording you can present your slides one after another using the arrow buttons on screen or the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can move backwards and forwards, or skip slides by clicking on the one you want to talk about (keys 1 to 9 on your keyboard can also be used as shortcuts for the first nine of your slides).

Navigate between slides to deliver your presentation while recording.

If you make a mistake and need to start again, just hit the retry button to start the countdown again. And if you want to tweak your setup press the back button in the top left. This will stop the recording and return you to the setup screen.

When you're done recording press stop and you'll be taken to the editor to adjust your recording.

Editing your recording

Editing a video presentation in Tella works just like any other recording. You can trim the start and end of the recording and add other elements like text, images, and gifs.

Interactive viewing

Your viewers will be able to watch the presentation like any video made in Tella, but they'll also be able to click through it just like a slide deck. This is handy for things like company updates, sales presentations, and investor pitches. Viewers can tune in to your story while exploring the information the way they want.

Viewers can click through the slides below the video.

Request access to Tella to try out Slides for yourself. 😊